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The Buffalo Runners

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A blizzard was blowing wildly over the American prairies one winter day in the earlier part of the present century. Fresh, free and straight, it came from the realms of Jack Frost, and cold-bitterly cold-like the bergs on the Arctic seas, to which it had but recently said farewell. Snow, fine as dust and sharp as needles, was caught up bodily by the wind in great masses-here in snaky coils, there in whirling eddies, elsewhere in rolling clouds; but these had barely time to assume indefinite forms when they were furiously scattered and swept away as by the besom of destruction, while earth and sky commingled in a smother of whitey-grey. All the demons of the Far North seemed to have taken an outside passage on that blizzard, so tremendous was the roaring and shrieking, while the writhing of tormented snow-drifts suggested powerfully the madness of agony. Two white and ghostly pillars moved slowly but steadily through all this hurly-burly in a straight line. One of the pillars was short and broad; the other was tall and stately. Both were very solid-agreeably so, when contrasted with surrounding chaos. Suddenly the two pillars stopped-though the gale did not.

Do You Really Want To Meet A Cape Buffalo?

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Six new titles in this popular adventure series feature animals from the ocean to Africa to Australia. Child adventurers become wildlife tourists and make firsthand observations about the animals. According to Booklist, "This engaging and original take on a perennially popular subject will be a welcome addition to school and public library collections." A child goes on an African safari and observes the behavior of Cape buffalo in the wild as they defend their herd.

A Buffalo's Tale

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How can you portray a life lived? The joy and the pain. The love that I have is all that I have to give to this life. That love has been sweet and it has been sour. I have portrayed a love lived in verse for only in verse can I cry tears, only in verse can I remember the love that was. My life. My love. My heart. My love for one woman. Brigitte. A buffalo's tale is a love story. A story of love for Brigitte. A love story told in verse . The joy of love and the pain of love expressed in words that convey the tears. But more than that it is a story of the love lost. The love inside.


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Buffalo Hunting Clubs Game
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