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Jack Among The Indians A Boy's Summer On The Buffalo Plains

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This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Return Of The Buffaloes

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Sacred to the Plains Indians, buffaloes provide almost all the people need to live and flourish on the Great Plains. When the buffalo cannot be found, scouts are sent to look for them...

By telling about a time of hardship, Paul Goble dramatizes the central importance of the buffalo to a vibrantly spiritual and artistic culture. He pictures the vastness of the empty plains, the excitement of discovering the Buffalo Woman, and the thundering return of the herd with superb artistry, bringing us a world that must not be forgotten.

The Buffalo Runners

RRP $18.99

A blizzard was blowing wildly over the American prairies one winter day in the earlier part of the present century. Fresh, free and straight, it came from the realms of Jack Frost, and cold-bitterly cold-like the bergs on the Arctic seas, to which it had but recently said farewell. Snow, fine as dust and sharp as needles, was caught up bodily by the wind in great masses-here in snaky coils, there in whirling eddies, elsewhere in rolling clouds; but these had barely time to assume indefinite forms when they were furiously scattered and swept away as by the besom of destruction, while earth and sky commingled in a smother of whitey-grey. All the demons of the Far North seemed to have taken an outside passage on that blizzard, so tremendous was the roaring and shrieking, while the writhing of tormented snow-drifts suggested powerfully the madness of agony. Two white and ghostly pillars moved slowly but steadily through all this hurly-burly in a straight line. One of the pillars was short and broad; the other was tall and stately. Both were very solid-agreeably so, when contrasted with surrounding chaos. Suddenly the two pillars stopped-though the gale did not.


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Buffalo Hunting Clubs Game
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