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'The clubs epidemic breaks out in March like a giant nit plague. It spreads through our class 'til practically everyone's infected. Not me. I must be inoculated.'
Lolly Leopold has a divine teacher called Ms Love. She has a cat called Laughing Stock but he won't qualify her for membership of the Kitten Club. The Harry Potter Club excludes girls, the Lego Club's too violent and she's disdainful of the Barbie Club beauty contests. Will Lolly find a Club to truly belong to?
Clubs was the Book of the Year and Picture Book of the Year in the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, 2005.
'The wonderful homemade illustrations and text of Clubs describe perfectly the tough, complicated world of primary school, and Lolly's spunk and intelligence give hope to lonely kids everywhere. I love this book. I wish I'd had Ms Love for my teacher.' - Alison Lester
'Pure brilliance' - John McIntyre, Radio New Zealand
'Jacqui Colley's pictures are a revelation ... something of the flavour of Lauren Child but more sophisticated. The news that it's the first of a series is very, very welcome.' - David Larsen, New Zealand Listener

A Legal Guide For Clubs And Associations In Ireland

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A Legal Guide to Clubs and Associations in Ireland, 2nd edition assists clubs and associations by providing guidelines on the legal issues which concern them. It helps to ensure compliance with legislation and advises how exposure to accident claims can be minimised. It suggests ways to protect the Committee and Trustees from being held personally liable for activities carried out by them on behalf of the Club. Topics covered include: Licensing; The Role of the Committee; Liability for Accidents; Nuisance caused to Neighbours; Disciplinary Procedures for Members; Employment Law; Equal Status; Taxation and Data Protection. A Legal Guide for Clubs and Associations, 2nd edition assists solicitors in providing legal advice to clubs and associations in drafting rules or making suggestions for the revision of existing rules.

Sport Clubs In Europe 2015

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?This book presents an up-to-date portrait of the characteristics of sport clubs in various European countries and their role in society and the national sport system. Furthermore, it offers a cross-national comparative perspective of sport clubs in twenty European countries. Containing both empirical data and information on the political and historical backgrounds of sport clubs, the book is organized in three parts. First, the authors provide an overview of the theoretical approach of the book and a description of the framework used for the country chapters. Second, the country chapters, written by experts within the field, provide a systematic overview of the available information on sport clubs in each country. These chapters are structured to answer the following questions: (1) What is the position of sport clubs within the national sport structure? (2) Which role do they fulfil in policy and society? (3) What are their basic characteristics and what factors influence the development of sport clubs? The book is concluded with a systematic comparison of the participating countries with the purpose of forging a clear link between the functioning of policy systems, observed problems, and possible solutions, and with a future research agenda on sport clubs. In an era of increased collaboration between European states, sport provides a natural vehicle through which to compare changes in culture, economics, and policy across nations. Sport Clubs in Europe will appeal to scholars of nonprofit management, sports management and sports sociology as well as administrators and policy makers in the international sports community.


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Buffalo Hunting Clubs Game
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