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Hunting Serial Predators

RRP $34.99

Written by a leading expert on the subject, Hunting Serial Predators describes the empirical process used to analyze serial murderers' crime scene actions, making it possible to form logical decisions about how to detect and apprehend serial killers. This new edition provides behavior models of American serial murderers; an overview of related scientific knowledge, and accounts of the process of profiling the serial murderer.

Treasure Hunting

RRP $27.50

This is a story of a boy growing up in a Boston suburb near where his ancestors had settled three centuries before. He attends elite private schools and Union Theological Seminary, training to be a Protestant pastor. He marries Annette and they raise four children in suburban Rochester and the inner-city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York. They help Saul Alinsky create a mass-based community organization to empower the dispossessed. Annette teaches social work at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Always moving West, they settle in Berkeley, California. They lose their political innocence during the Vietnam War, join a commune and are blind-sided by the power of cults. The family backpacks every summer in the Sierra Nevada. Annette teaches in the University of California School of Public Health. Howard, trained now as a sociologist of religion, advises groups planning to begin new churches in West Coast suburbs. Through meditation, creative use of their imagination, and workshops at Esalen, they explore aspects of themselves that had been cut off by their East Coast upbringing. They move to Benicia, California, where Annette blocks the railroad tracks over which munitions trains pass; Howard has a compelling dream of descent into the Void. After his ten-year pastorate, they retire to Claremont, California, where Annette dies in 1997.

The Pocket Guide To Spring And Fall Turkey Hunting

RRP $16.99

A handy guide to hunting one of America’s favorite game birds.

Having lived most of his life in rural Missouri, Monte Burch has a wealth of knowledge to share on all things hunting. In The Pocket Guide to Spring and Fall Turkey Hunting, Burch draws on more than two decades of turkey hunting experience and collects it in an easily accessible pocket guide. Included is essential advice on:

Selecting the right shotgun and shells
Effectively using friction boxes, tube calls, diaphragms, and more
Hunting with a bow
Choosing and placing decoys
Selecting the best camouflage and clothing
Setting up for the perfect shot in any situation

Whether you’re a novice turkey hunter or an experienced professional, The Pocket Guide to Spring and Fall Turkey Hunting will undoubtedly prove to be an essential reference.

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